Thursday, February 17, 2011

Christmas -2010

Christmas Eve we had Adam's family over for dinner and Christmas Day we went to my brother Kevin's house for dinner.  The highlight of the day was all of the kids shaking their booties to some sort of Wii Dance Game.  Too funny. 

This was the first year that Henry was really into Santa which made it a lot more fun.  We had to leave our carrots and cookies on the front mat because OF COURSE Santa does not have a key to our locked door.  I have to admit- that the thought of a fat, old, strange, bearded man breaking into your house IS a bit creepy, however jolly he might be.

Things the kids asked for: they both wanted pillow pets.  Molly wanted the lady bug and Henry wanted the dog.  The rest of Molly's list was "Dora Stuff" and Henry wanted a video game player, a spongbob toothbrush and a stuffed spongebob doll.

Here are some pictures right after they woke up on Christmas morning.  We must have concentrated on the video because these shots really are not that great!

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