Friday, February 11, 2011

Halloween 2010

We started off the day at the NY Botanical Gardens where they had a Halloween celebration for kids.  We then had an appetizer contest/Halloween party in our lobby with the neighbors.  We took second place with our bacon wrapped, ricotta stuffed dates which was very exciting!  We even got a trophy.  We then did some trick or treating in our building.  Molly didn't want to wear her costume until she got the real idea of what Halloween was about.  She quickly changed her tune!

Molly running through the hedge maze

Henry in the maze

Sitting on the log furniture

Sitting at the mini log table and chairs

Doing some sort of botanical project.  I think it was what they find in animal stomachs or something gross like that

Spongebob and the Red Crayon setting off to find treats in our building

Making their very important selections.  I wish I paid more attention since I wound up eating most of the candy!

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