Sunday, February 13, 2011

Now That is Some Craft Box!

As background, Henry and Molly have a craft box with assorted things:  paper, crayons, pipe cleaners, string, paper clips, glue, stickers, streamers, feathers etc.  Henry is quite the inventor and is always making all sorts of contraptions.  Yesterday it was putting feathers on the backs of his Toy Story Figurines so that they could fly.  Today it was stringing a line between every chair and knob in the dining room making a tight rope that he planned to walk on.  Good luck with that one right?

Anyway, the kids were taking their naps this afternoon.  I heard Henry leave his room and go into the bathroom.  A minute later after his business was done I heard him back in the bedroom having a very earnest conversation with Molly.  I went in to see what was keeping her from getting out of her bed.  Henry filled me in since she was not speaking that Molly had to use the bathroom but she didn't want to sit down.  She wanted to stand like him.

We are always taking about the differences between the boy and girl anatomy in this house.  Usually more than I would like but whatever.  I explained to Molly, yet again I might add, that she didn't have a penis so she would have to sit.  She looked at me and sighed, I sure thinking that I was lacking something, maybe imagination.  It was definitely a condescending look.  Henry, sensing trouble brewing on the horizon, started spouting off ideas.  His best and my favorite was: "I know!  We can make Molly a penis using stuff from the craft box and then she can pee standing up!"  Henry, I love your enthusiasm and craftiness!

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