Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tree Day - December 16th 2010

Ever since Adam and I started living together we have always gone to get our Christmas tree on December 16th, which was my Dad's birthday.  We have continued the tradition with the kids.  We make a big spaghetti and meatball dinner, drink some wine and yell at each other while trying to get the tree straight in the tree stand.  We buy our tree from the same guys from Canada each year who stay for the entire season just off 181st Street.  We pick the tallest, skinniest tree we can find, pay an exhorbitant sum of money for it.  Adam drags it home while I snap photos.  Invariably the camera lens always fogs up and the pictures are terrible but it is documentation nonetheless. 

Since we have always lived with very little storage space (no garage, attic or basement) I have traditionally made new ornaments each year based on some sort of theme.  Since the kids have been born I have really focused on non-breakable ornaments that they could touch.  We have since gained some storage space so I am able to keep what I make from year to year.  It is fun to see Molly react to the felt Elmo ornament just as Henry did when he was her age.  This year we added to the collection by making some beaded ornaments that I bought in kits.  We also all painted some glass ornaments as a family.  I personally enjoyed watching Adam out of his comfort zone doing crafts.  Henry really enjoyed making the snowflakes which had the tiniest little beads.  I was surprised that he could even work with them and how much attention and time he devoted to making them. 

Family photo-  That is Molly stuffed in my coat.  We got a late start and she passed out as soon as I put her in the Ergo carrier.

Getting the end sawed off the tree

Close up of some of our home-made ornaments

The finished product

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