Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Funny Stuff

Molly loves to read out loud.  She paraphrases quite well and sometimes adds her own adjustments to the book.  I laughed recently when I overheard her ending  her story "Haffiny never nafter." 

Yesterday Molly told me that something "would be her pleasure"

Henry is like a little Adam clone.  He recently told me that he could not eat his maple carrots or his apricot jam toast.  "It's really just too sweet Mommy."  He also told me that Adam was a much better "cooker" than I wise.  Oh well, tough break kid.

This evening I was tucking him into bed.  I said for him to get some rest because we were going to have a fun day tomorrow.  He asked what we were going to do.  I said that I didn't know but I would think of something fun (we went to the beach today at his friend Elliot's suggestion).  He said, "Elliot picked something today.  I will think of something tomorrow.  Before I watch my show in the morning, I will watch the news to see if it is warm out and then I will decide."

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