Monday, May 02, 2011

How To Talk So Your Sister Will Listen

There is a popular parenting book called How To Talk So Your Kids Will Listen and How to Listen So Your Kids Will Talk.  Just based on the title and the ways my kids act you can tell I never quite finished it.
I do think that Henry has been sneak reading it after we go to bed.  Here are three exact quotes that he said to Molly today:

Three quotes from Henry today in dealing with Molly:

We were cleaning their bedroom and Molly wanted us to play tic tac toe with her.

"We can't Molly, we are mopping the floor.  I'm not saying no. I'm just saying not right now."

After Molly offered him something:
"Molly, that is really nice of you to offer it but I don't want it"

And lastly as he was removing some Easter candy from her hands and she started to scream:

"You are going to make yourself sick if you eat anymore!  OK, just one more piece.  But no more.  You really will get sick!"
We are lucky to have Henry, he keeps us all on the straight and narrow.

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