Wednesday, June 01, 2011

You see what I am working with?

Molly really tests my mettle as a parent.  I recently asked her to pick up a wooden puzzle box that she was playing with.  She put me off twice with little excuses.  Finally I tripped over it and said very sternly "Molly, I just tripped over your puzzle again.  Pick it up now or I am going to get rid of it"  (Classic Grandma Karen technique, "The Throw Away Threat.")

She looked at me, walked over to the couch where my book was laying on the floor.  She deliberately tripped over it and said "Mommy, pick up your book, I just tripped over it."  Can you believe this level of sass from a two year old?

Tonight I was trying to herd them into the bath.  We were running late because we were out running errands.  Henry was very cooperative but Molly kept stalling.  She was going on and on about the fact that she was just getting the menus for her restaurant.  Whenever I called her, she would just ignore what I was saying to her and ask me another question "Mommy, where is the food for my restaurant" and so on.  I said "Molly, it is bedtime.  You cannot play restaurant right now."  She very sweetly ignored me and said "Oh, but I think Henry looks hungry!"

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Queenie said...

What Molly said about your book was hilarious! She reminds me a lot of Maya. We're in so much trouble!