Sunday, August 06, 2006

Big Milestone for Baby!

On Saturday, we went to Lynn and George's house for a barbeque. We love getting invited there, because they are both fantastic cooks and all around good hosts. I don't think I stopped eating from the minute I walked in the door until the minute I left.

Just to whet your whistle, I will give you a sampling of the spread: Sour cream and onion dip and Lay's potato chips which Lynn put out especially for me since I crave it constantly, shrimp cocktail, veggie platter with spinach dip, tomato bruschetta on "Texas Toast," rosemary lamb chops, BBQ ribs, ginger marinated tuna steaks, macaroni salad, potato salad (homemade with hardboiled eggs and no vinegar which is the way I LOVE it), 2 different kinds of green salads, hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, lemon fluff cake, fruit platter, peach pie...I am stuffed thinking about it! Since Lynn is a good Italian girl, she also strategically places food around the house so that you are still eating even when you don't realize it. She had chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered pretzels, caramel turtles and this delicious "chocolate bark" sitting out on little dishes. Every time I looked in the mirror I had a ring of chocolate around my mouth!

It was very funny, as we were sitting down to dinner (after all of the snacks and George's BBQ "warm up" of ribs and lamb chops) Aly's daughter Sophia (who is 2 1/2) said "Why are the adults eating again?" Wise girl that Sophia!

Suffice it to say, Baby Schnell and I had a GREAT time (Of course Adam enjoyed himself too. That boy has never met a party he didn't like). They also had a pool that was as warm as bathwater so we had a fun time swimming. (Although my top did fall off in the pool, good thing no one was wearing goggles underwater! What an eyeful they would have gotten!)

Anyway, back to the milestone business. As I am sitting on the couch at the end of the night in my food coma, Aly is trying to feel my stomach for the baby. She looks at me and says "Your baby has the hiccups!" I think this is impossible, and how the heck can she tell this? I put my hand on my stomach, and I can feel a little sharp kick feeling about every 5 seconds for a few minutes, so she was right! Of course Adam and I both came up with the dopey idea that we should scare the baby to help her get rid of them (don't call CPS anyone, we didn't do it!)


Anonymous said...

Your baby was protesting all the food you ate, saying hey mom I need a Tums please.


Vanessa said...

No kidding! Aly said I gave the baby indigestion.

Anonymous said...

Madeleine and Kate used to get the hiccups ALL THE TIME, to the point where it would make me nauseous...Normal stuff.

Anonymous said...

Glad you and the baby enjoyed the food. Loved having you over! xo