Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jail Break!

Baby S. seems to be a very "active" baby, which of course I am pleased about because I consider it a good sign of his development and overall health. However, over the past few days, he has picked up a few new moves, and we can now discern individual body parts. The funniest to see are the feet and elbows when they pop out the side of my stomach. I also like it when he curls up and juts out his little rear end. Very cute. Right now, I think he is head down, with his face towards my back. Most of his body appears to be on my right side, and when he twists and rolls my one side bulges out. He even uses my ribs to push off. Sometimes I feel like he is doing a handstand in there. It doesn't hurt, but is definitely strange to see!

Very exciting times! Should get even more interesting as he puts on more weight.

*** Don't get too excited over my use of "he." I don't like to call the baby "it" so I need to alternate between sexes. This is not a trick, and no, we haven't opened the envelope. There is no chance we will open the envelope at this point, so don't get your hopes up.


Anonymous said...

I remember when I was pregnant with Sara how funny I looked and felt when she would do the same. I also saw Erin's son Jack do the same thing.

Vanessa said...

Hi CJ,

Definitely a crazy looking sight, isn't it?