Monday, August 28, 2006

Interesting Blog

Since I have nothing new to post (feeling fine, breathing fine, getting around fine, baby moving fine), and you all seem to like blogs, I figure I will direct you to one that was particularly interesting today.

Most of you seem to be new to the idea of a blog (which is short for "web log" by the way), but there are literally thousands and thousands of them out there. People blog on all sorts of topics, including politics, religion, their daily life, sports, etc. Many of them are done for family and friends like this one, but many others are done anonymously and are read by the general public. You could even create your own. I know future Uncle Barry is very jealous that he doesn't have his own blog, and is feverishly trying to think of ideas for one! Somehow, I don't think he will tell us about his for some reason!

Anyway, through our journey to have Baby S, I came across many blogs dealing with pregnancy, infertility and adoption. It seems to be a popular way for people to get their feelings out and be read by a community of people going through the same thing. One blog in particular has received a lot of notice in the media. I think it has even received a blogging award (If you can believe there is such a thing) and I became aware of it. It is amazing how interesting it can be to read about a total stranger's life!

So anyway, this blog is written by a lady named Mary Mia, and is about her and her husband's journey of adopting a baby from China. International adoption is usually a very orderly process, but is an extremely expensive (20-30k) and involves lots of paperwork and then lots of waiting around. These people in particular have been waiting over 15 months for their "referral," which is when they get assigned a baby and sent pictures and general information. They then have to wait a month or two more to travel to China to pick their baby up. Add this time to the time that they probably spent trying to have a biological child and doing all of the preliminary paperwork, fingerprinting, homestudy etc., and you come up with a long time that they have been waiting for a baby.

Anyway, they thought they were going to receive their referral last month, and were very heartbroken when they did not make the cut off for dates. China gives you a "Log In Date" based on when they receive all of your completed paperwork, and referrals are based on that. It seems to be a very organized process, but just takes a long time these days. The referrals are only sent out once per month.

Most people get a referral for a girl, since that is mostly who are put up for adoption. (China has/had a very restrictive one child per family policy, and the wisdom is that a boy can better care for his elders later in life so people prefer them. I think that is total bull, but that is another topic entirely!) Well to make a long story short, Mary Mia and her husband received their referral today, which of course they were very excited about. But to make the story even more exciting, they didn't receive a referral for one girl, they received one for twin girls! Boy, that must have been a happy surprise! Check her blog out, it is very cute. The address is

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