Thursday, September 21, 2006

Other Funny Happenings

  • They had a surprise baby shower for Adam at his office yesterday. (He works with a lot of women) It was so sweet of them to plan, and they even invited me! They decorated the conference room with balloons and streamers (some of the balloons were quite funny. One said "Who's your daddy? But another one said, "Who's your Mommy?" That would be a little hard to hide) They had tons of gifts and we had pizza and cake. Very sweet. But the funny part was that they made Adam wear the ribbon hat. Turn about is fair play! I promise to post the picture of this when I get it.
  • Lots of people shout things at me on the street about the baby. Sounds unusual to most people, but it not so unusual living in a Caribbean neighborhood. Many Dominican people are extremely forward and friendly, and very family oriented. Both men and women are very interested in pregnant women (and readily offer subway seats!) and they all have opinions and theories on the sex of the baby, your size etc. A man saw me in the elevator today and predicted that I would have the baby on DECEMBER 25th! I think he needs to work on his methods. Can you imagine? I guess I looked smaller than what he was used to. But, in case I was nervous about my size, about 2 hours later the cashier at Whole Foods asked me when I was due because I "look huge."
  • My sleeping patterns are so erratic that I don't really set the alarm anymore. I go to bed at the same time as Adam, but he is asleep in a flash. Before I can really settle down, I have to pee about 4 times (I am not kidding.) I get into a nice sleep around 2am, and stay asleep for most of the night. He let me sleep through the regular Wednesday morning clean-up (before the cleaning lady comes), but I was startled awake by the door buzzer when she arrived. I flew out of bed to get the door, and walked straight into the doorjam. Apparently it was quite amusing to watch (Adam was getting dressed and witnessed the whole thing)
  • I momentarily fell asleep with my head on the sink last night during one of my many trips to the bathroom.
  • We have a couple in our building that have 5 grown children, and that are very friendly. The first time I met the husband in the elevator, he told me that I should stop by their apartment at ANY TIME to ask his wife questions. He told me her name, and I happened to meet her in the laundry room the next day. I mentioned that her husband had offered her services to me, and her first question was, "Did I need her to come to the hospital with me?" Not the first thing that had popped to my mind, but a nice offer nonetheless. A few days later, I was going to work and the subway was extremely crowded. I heard a voice behind me ask, "Ma'am, are you expecting?" I turned around, and it was the husband. He saw that I was, and told me to wait where I was. He pushed his way through the crowd and practically pulled two younger boys out of their seats! He then motioned me over to sit, and then walked away! We then saw him in the lobby this weekend. He asked how I was faring, and reiterated their offer to help in any way. In case we weren't sure of how to utilize their services, he suggested that Adam stop by when I was in the hospital and have dinner with them! I swear that these two should win some sort of community service medal!
  • I can't sit that closely to the table anymore, and am constantly spilling things on my shirt. I have reached a new low however. I now regularly find crumbs in my bra. So attractive.


Anonymous said...

I want to see the photo of Adam with his shower hat. This could be blackmail material for the future.


Anonymous said...

All in all, this may have been the funniest entry yet!! :)