Sunday, September 10, 2006

Shower? It was a deluge!

There was a shower thrown in honor of Baby Schnell's pending arrival on Saturday. What a lucky baby this is going to be!

It was so nice of my Mom, sister and mother in law to throw such a nice party. I am sure it took a lot of work and planning to make it come off like it did. The food was delicious, and very creative for shower food. The cake was just as I like it with buttercream frosting and no crazy fruit gel in it. The invitation was adorable, and the centerpieces really fit the tone of the location. Very creative. The favors that were made by my beautiful and talented nieces were a big hit. I'm sure my sister in law Julie played a large part in making sure they were so beautiful and arrived safely, although she is too modest to admit it! The games planned by my friends were truly over the top! I loved seeing the look on grown women's faces when they realized they had to drink out of a baby bottle! Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone! All of the materials for the games were so professionally done, and the great prizes kept everyone motivated to win! Who knew I would have such competitive guests! (Especially Julie, who is clearly a shower regular!)

We truly appreciate that everyone took the time to schlepp into the city on a sunny day when they probably had things they would rather be doing and celebrate our baby. We know that it is not the most fun place to come if you don't live here, and might be a little scary to drive to or take the train to if you don't do it on a regular basis. So, thank you everyone for being so brave and making the trek! I really enjoyed seeing each of you!

We are so fortunate to have such generous friends and family. We received so many beautiful gifts, we were just astounded. They stretch from one end of our dining room to the other! It is just a sea of baby paraphenalia! Everyone must have realized how unprepared we were, because we received toys, books, clothing, diapers, furniture, medical supplies, our entire crib set, a stroller, car seat, diaper bag, our baby hammock, bouncy seat, boppy, high chair, sling, video nursery monitor, handmade blankets, sweaters and other sentimental gifts such as beautiful figurines, frames and the baby cup/spoon set. We also received gift cards and money to buy those last minute essentials that we might have forgotten! Neither of us could believe how many gifts we got, how thoughtful they were and were truly touched by them all.

So, thanks so much to everyone involved. We really appreciate it, and look forward to you all being part of the baby's life.


Anonymous said...

You're right. Your friends and nieces as well as your mom and sister did a beautiful job for the shower. You got everything you need at least for the first year or two. This is a very lucky baby as he got such beautiful gifts including the life jacket for boating with his dad (and his mom).
It was my pleasure to be included aa you have such wonderful friends and family.

Love, Marlene

Anonymous said...

We have watched you and Adam over the years do for everyone, making all the cakes for your nieces, friends and other family members. You have planned showers, watched your nieces for entire weekends. You both have done many enjoyable things for everyone around you.What a pleasure it was for us to plan something for both of you, remember you would not let us do this for your wedding, but we had the chance now and we jumped on it. What was especially nice was everyone wanted a part it doing it. Your friends, sister, sister in law, your mother in law and all of your nieces big and small. Only a few of the people that were invited could not attend, everyone wanted to make the trip,Dottie and Brenda all the way from PA and Judy giving up her afternoon with her new grandson after flying in from Florida . Some braved the train for their first solo trips to the city all because they wanted to join in on your celebration, what a wonderful tribute to you and Adam. I as your mother can't wait for you and Adam to become parents. Also for me to be a grandma again, the best job of my life.

Anonymous said...

Well, It took me 30 minutes Monday night to type my thoughts on your shower - then my internet went down - and I went to bed. I'll try to remember what I said.
Your shower was great! your Mom, Heather & Marlene did a fabulous job planning and Julie and the girls made wonderful place cards as favors. The games your friends brought were lots of fun (altough I felt like a jerk drinking out of that bottle - but I wasn't going to be a spoil sport)
Being a bit selfish - I also enjoyed meeting Marlene & Merri (Jude is so beautiful) in person. Believe me, every one of us was thrilled to schlepp into the city for such a wonderful occassion - and you & Adam truly deserve all the good wishes and gifts for Baby Schnell (can't wait to use his/her name). There is nothing more beautiful than celebrating a new baby - especially after all you have been through to make this dream come true.
Both you & Adam have always given joy to others (I have not forgotten your trips to URI and both of you making sure Erin was doing well - #1 Party school - she did just fine)
Now we all await the "big" day - when Baby Schnell becomes a reality to all of us - especially your MOM - she is right - the best job on earth is being a Grandparent (Marlene - just wait.....the best is yet to come)
Lots of Love to all of you,