Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nothing Exciting

Whew, it has been a busy week so far!

On Monday, we went to see WWE Raw at Madison Square Garden with our friends Nate and Andrea, Andrea's sister, and our friend Marilyn. Now mind you, I am not a professional wrestling fan. Marilyn happens to work there and always asks us to go when they are in town. Adam and I went once in the past and it was a hoot! This time was quite entertaining as well, it just got out very late. Also a little more entertaining with a drink or two, but now I sound like I was a lush in a previous life! Certainly a different experience stone cold sober! We all met for dinner right after work, and the show started at 8pm. Since it was televised from 9-11:08pm, Marilyn asked us not to leave until the end because they don't like to have empty seats on TV, and we were right up front. We didn't get home until midnight, and then back to work the next morning.

Tuesday Adam left for his conference in Chicago (stay by the phone Julie!) and I went to work and then to our second installment of Childbirth Education class after work. It is from 6:30-9:30pm, which is way too late at this stage in the game! I was hoping that I would enjoy it more this week and I left feeling fairly annoyed again. The teacher admitted that she is a doula, which is basically a natural birthing labor coach. So, this explains her fairly biased viewpoints. She is a nice lady and very informative, but the class is a little light on material for it to be a total of 15 hours. Seems like she could cut it down to three classes from the five. She talked for 15 minutes about what funny programs you could watch on TV during the early stages of labor to release natural endorphins, or that we could play Scrabble to pass the time. I'm sorry, but I don't want pay $225 and stay out until 10pm after a full work day to hear about the TV schedule and such basic information.

Anyway, she almost started a riot in the class when she told one of the husbands that it was his responsibility to deny pain medication for his wife when it was offered to her in the labor room. That she would be weak with pain, and would probably accept if he "let" her get the epidural. She said the doctors and nurses will push the epidural on you because it is such a profit center for the hospital, and that the husband was only trying to relieve his own discomfort about seeing his wife in pain by letting her have one. If I asked for an epidural and Adam told me I couldn't have one there would be serious consequences to be paid when we got home! Or, I might choke him with my fetal monitor. Anyway, this lady is a little too nutty for me.

Today, I went to a party down on the Jersey Shore with some people that I work with. Gave me a serious hankering for a beach house! I think I will need to get back to work a little sooner to make that pipe dream come true!

So, that is all for now. Trying to stay up past 10pm so that I am not wide awake at 4am, but it is difficult!

Oh, the crib and crib mattress have also arrived! Can't wait to put it together. Just need for Kevin to come get the couches so that the room is empty.

Here is a picture of the crib we chose:

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Anonymous said...

WOW! that is a beautiful crib. Hope Baby Schnell enjoys many good nights sleep (and you too!)