Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Henry's New Activities

This week, Henry has done a few new things:

  • He has slept in his baby hammock for the entire night more than once. (He still wakes up every 2-3 hours) As much as we love sleeping with him, he takes up way too much real estate. Also, when he starts to stir I just give the hammock a little push and it swings him back to sleep. Very nice!
  • He is starting to smile more consistently. Usually at Daddy, but we will forgive him for that.
  • As you can see in the picture, he is holding a toy which is a new skill. It is too heavy for him to really lift, but he can hold onto it and grab at it.
  • If you hold the toy above his eyes, he will turn his head completely left or right to watch it.
  • When I lay him on the pillow above on his stomach, he can actually move himself forward. His legs are very strong! He lifts his head very easily and doesn't mind laying on his stomach.
  • He is much more alert and can now look at you directly in the eyes. He is losing his cross eyed look.
  • He is getting longer by the day. He has now grown out of 4 outfits lengthwise, and his sleeves are starting to be too short.
  • We are working on new ways to deal with his "fussy" period at night. We have tried giving him a bath, taking him for a walk (not a success!), swaddling him and getting him to go to sleep (just causes him to be up until 2am, and letting him work out his energy. I think that the cause is that he is a very active baby. When we are starting to wind down, he is getting his second wind. I am having some success with having him play on the floor late at night. I let him kick and roll around and burn off some energy. Once he seems like he is getting tired, I swaddle him and walk him to sleep. Seems to be working, it just requires us to accept that he is a night owl! (Just like his mama!)
  • He has started to sneeze multiple times in a row like me
  • He holds his breath sometimes when he cries like I did when I was a baby


Anonymous said...

Certain attributes are wonderful to inherit - holding your breath when you cry is NOT one of them - Henry is doing wonderful! He is so adorable - can't wait to meet him in person - be happy he loves his "tummy time" - that is what helps to strenghten his head & neck muscles.
Happy Thanksgiving to "the Schnell Family"

Anonymous said...

Reading and listening to all the things that Henry does now, have made me recall many of those little things that you also did when you were little. He is your little boy.