Friday, January 12, 2007

Just call me Pavlov's Dog

I have been trying various schemes to get Henry to sleep longer at night. Previously, his longest stretch was 5 hours and that was weeks ago. Nursing a baby every 2-3 hours around the clock (and that is measured from the start of the feeding!) gets positively grueling by the 12th week. I read recently that by this time they should be able to go a little bit longer and that they might just be waking out of habit. The other day, when he woke at 2am I just stuck a pacifier in his mouth and he went back to sleep. Well, the next night, he didn't wake up at his appointed hour but I'll bet you can guess who was up? I am more sleep trained at this point than he is! Thanks to Henry, I now automatically awaken at 2am on the dot each night.

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Anonymous said...

Call me at that hour so we can chat! Jude just loves to be up all night, every night! :)
Glad Henry is finally feeling better!!!!