Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Mr. Friendly"

Every Tuesday morning, Henry and I go to an infant playgroup. Not much playing going on, just an excuse for the moms and dads in the neighborhood to get out among the speaking world. When I arrived yesterday, some of the babies were on the floor playing with their toys. I laid down a blanket and sat down with Henry in front of me. I gave him his favorite Lamaze block to play with. Within a minute of sitting down, 7 month old Susannah crawled over to Henry and eyed his toy. He let out the most ferocious roar and scared her off. Not a cry, he actually growled at her!

I moved him over to the other side of the room and we sat next to sweet little Lark. She is not crawling, so I figured he was safe. Well, I guess she was a little to interested in him for his liking (these girls are so aggressive!), every time she looked at him he cried! He was much happier when I picked him up and he could survey the scene from above, like a little lifeguard. I really need to get this boy out of the house more!

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