Saturday, February 03, 2007

Who stole my baby, Part 2

Well, Mr. Henry slept from 11pm to 5:10am this morning, his longest stretch to date. And then took a 2 hour nap this morning. But, I think this was to reward me for screaming bloody murder all day when I tried to put him down and not going to bed until 11pm, but that is another story!


Anonymous said...

No, he is just learning how to "press your buttons" and it looks like it worked. Even at this young age they know when Mommy has had enough - so he decided this was the night to let her rest. He will be going through longer sleep stretches now - so he wants to keep in your good graces - after all it is Mommy who feeds him, comforts him & plays with him all day (sorry Adam)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa - I am back to work :( Can you send me your home email address? Can't find it.....typical new Mommy brain!


Vanessa said...

Hi Irene!