Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just like the old days...

As some of you are aware (and have warned me against), Henry sleeps in our bed most nights. He starts off the night in his Amby Hammock, but when I go to bed he gets up to eat and I change his diaper. At that point, I usually can't bear to put him back in his little bed alone. So, each night I manufacture a new excuse to bring him in bed. (It's too cold, he looks lonely, I think he might spit up, I am worried he will put the blanket on his face, etc.)

This plan usually works out well. I lay him down in his little spot in the middle (with a body pillow along the headboard so he can't get trapped there and between our two pillows (memory foam so as not to suffocate him) so that he is above the cover line. He spreads his arms and legs out and we cling to the edges of the bed. But, he goes right to sleep and it is easier for me to feed him or pop the pacifier back in his mouth. And, we both also like having him there very much. Despite the amount of room that he takes up and that he smacks Adam in the face about 12 times. He is not a really cuddly type of baby, he is very aggressive.

Anyway, last night I swore I was leaving him in his bed. At the last minute, I cracked and scooped him up while he was sleeping. Since Adam didn't know he was in there, I kept him on my side. I started to cuddle him and fall asleep. My last thought was that I always slept like that while I was pregnant, and wasn't it crazy that now he was on the outside. Well, just to break me out of my reverie, he gave me a quick elbow jab followed by a kick. Just like he did in the womb all night long. Cuddle time over, back to his spot alone in the middle!

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