Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Trip to Boston Recap

Adam, Henry and I went to Boston last weekend for my niece Kate's 2nd birthday party. Salient points in no particular order:

  • We took the Port Jefferson Ferry over to CT. Nice way to break up the trip and Henry loved being on the boat. He is turning into quite the people watcher and really enjoyed himself.
  • For the most part, Henry did great in the car. He did have a few episodes of full on shreiking, but is getting better. I think he likes the powder blue mini van.
  • Henry generally likes small kids. He initally enjoyed playing with his cousins Madeleine and Kate, but got a little scared when Kate decided to give him a sternum rub. Or, when they both decided to lay under his play gym while he was under there. Or, when Kate unbuckled him while he was sitting in the high chair. Never did the phrase "You won't be happy until someone gets hurt" apply more!
  • We are still not animal people. I got grossed out when their kitten went near him and Heather said, "She just wants to lick his head." I'm sorry, but who would be OK with that?
  • According to Heather and Chip, we are spoiling Henry rotten. Our version of crying and theirs are quite different. However it seems that they are suffering some sort of parental amnesia, because I remember how they were as first time parents! I never did perfect holding Madeleine at the exact 44 7/8 degree angle that they required.
  • Kate referred to Henry as "Avery" for the entire weekend and called him "she" and "her."

All kidding aside, we had a lot of fun. The girls are adorable and it was nice to see everyone. We need to get back up their soon.

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