Saturday, March 10, 2007

Can someone buy this baby a watch?

Henry and I went to Target yesterday afternoon. It was too bright and noisy for him to take his regular nap there and he only slept for a few minutes in the car on the way home.

By the time I could get him to settle down for an afternoon nap it was 5pm. Henry made the executive decision that this was not a nap and that he was going to bed for the night. I'll let you take a guess at what time he woke up. 5am. Actually 4:45am, but who's counting.

Luckily I realized early in the evening what he was doing and went to bed at 9:15pm. Good thing I did because Henry was up and dressed for the day at 5:15am, jumping happily in his jumparoo.
It is now 10:18am, and my little morning boy has already eaten 3 times, is on his second nap, had two rounds of playtime, and gone for a walk with Dad to buy fruit and breakfast.

Oh, in case that is not enough accomplishments for his day, he also rolled from his stomach to his back this morning. Twice.

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