Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I am such a hypocrite.

Henry is watching TV right now. I put him in his bouncy seat and parked him in front of it. Right now, he is watching Arthur and seems to be enjoying it. Actually, he is staring at the ceiling light right now and laughing. I think someone slipped him some LSD.

He hasn't napped for more than a few minutes in days. He is awake during my shower again. He still wakes up a few time per night. When I go to bed, I can't sleep either. I was up until 1:30 last night, staring at the ceiling. He woke up again then to eat and then again at 4am, and was up for the day at 6am. He took a "nap" from 7:30- 8am. I think I gave birth to the spawn of the Energizer bunny.

I just wanted to eat a bowl a cereal.


Sleep Deprived in NYC


Anonymous said...

As I said before and you think I am cruel, you can lay him in his crib when its nap time and let hime watch his mobile. It won't hurt him and you are not being a bad mother either. He has to learn to soothe himself, you can't always be the one do to it. He will put himself to sleep. I am also not saying to let him scream for ten minutes, but a little crying won't hurt him.


Irene said...

Don't beat yourself up over a little TV either....all Mom's need a break. We started a routine when Matthew was 3 month old and still continue to do it today. about an hour before bedtime, we strap him in his vibrating seat and he watches 30 minutes of Baby Einstein. He loves it and it kinds soothes him and brings him down from the day. He then gets a bottle and then we plop him in his crib, walk away and close the door. For us, it has worked like a charm. Babies like's like he knows this is the deal, to watch Einstein and go to bed. Again, just my new mommy two cents :)

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a little time to themself - including Henry! Baby Einstein is educational & keeps their interest. If you have some of the videos put one on for him. Nothing wrong with him having "his own TV time" or watching his mobile while relaxing by himself in his crib. Hey! It might work, and when he wakes up he might just play in his crib by himself. No need to jump right up to get him (unless he is screaming - then GO GET HIM) Worst thing that can happen is you might get some more sleep yourself.