Friday, March 02, 2007

Crib Tales

Until a few days ago, Henry had not slept one wink in his crib. Ever. It served as a decorative object in his room, a waiting room for new clothes needing to be washed and a holder of the mobile. Mostly, I would lay him in the crib and turn on the mobile which made him go nuts. He would squeal and giggle and swat at the animals.

Anyway, he has gotten too big for his hammock. He likes to sleep on his side and that is not safe in that type of bed. When he spit out his pacifier, he would flail around looking for it, sending the hammock flying. Also, if he woke up and I didn't get to him fast enough he would propel himself backwards into the netting. So, I decided to start putting him into the crib for naps. The first day, I rocked him into a sleepy state and laid him down. His eyes sprung open and he took a look at his new surroundings. He gave me a genuinely confused look and then smiled. Kind of like, "I'm not sure what kind of game we are playing here, but I'll play along." I knew the mission was doomed when he started to swat at the animals, now wide awake. I picked him up and got him sleepy again. I laid him down and he slept for about 10 minutes. I heard a giggling noise from his room, and there he lay, wide awake and ready for more action.

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