Monday, March 12, 2007

We have officially created a monster

We have been transitioning Henry to his crib over the past few weeks. He takes most of his naps there, and we put him to bed around 7pm in the crib as well. Since we are not ready to have him sleep in his room alone yet (we are wimps, I know) we bring him to bed with us around 11pm. I feed him and then change his diaper in the bed so that he doesn't wake up more than necessary. He goes right back to sleep.

Tonight, he woke up around 11pm but I knew he wasn't hungry because he ate about an hour earlier. I put his pacifier back in his mouth and walked out. He started his little sad, "Why are you ignoring me" cry that I can't resist. We played the pacifier game for about 5 minutes, but he wouldn't stop his little plea. I decided to do a little experiment. I picked him up, walked him into our room and laid him in the bed. Wouldn't you know he was asleep before his little head hit the Tempurpedic. We are in BIG trouble.

I wonder if Adam or I could fit in the crib.

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