Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mark Spitz Jr.

After the big success of putting Henry in the pool at my mom's house, I decided to give it a go at home. I have been taking Henry to Riverbank State Park here in the city to swim in their indoor pool.

It is a little challenging to get him into his swim diaper and trunks (so cute), get myself dressed, get the clothes locked up and take a shower, all while holding him. You aren't allowed to bring a stroller into the swim area, so there is no clean place to set him down. I was also a little nervous because the pool is very cold. When we swam in Florida, the pool was 92 degrees. This pool is about 78 degrees, so very chilly. Luckily he has no problem with it at all and absolutely loves the water. He even tries to swim when I put him on his belly. He splashes and squeals the entire time. We take the bus which stops right outside our building and drops us off one block away. He chatters to everyone on the bus the entire way there, I should make bus riding one of our regular activities.

Adam and I also took him to the beach for the first time yesterday. We went to Long Beach, which was really beautiful. Henry and Adam went out for a walk before we left and came back with every sand toy in the store and a special beach blanket that sand can't get through. I can't imagine what they would have come back with if Henry could ask for things! He loved playing in the sand and putting his feet in the water. He got so excited every time a wave came. The cold water didn't bother him one bit. It was a little less relaxing than beach visits in the past, he ate three mouthfuls of sand and took a face plant into the beach. I just squirted his face with a Poland Spring bottle, which didn't bother him in the least!

I will post some pictures soon.

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Meredith said...

What?? You went to Long Beach and bypassed us in Rockville Centre??? Shame on you!