Friday, August 24, 2007

Henry Update

  • We are sad that summer is winding down and are trying to squeeze in as many pool visits as possible. Henry starts squealing when he sees the pool, he is so cute. He loves to play with the other kids. Today he was sticking his hand up for the lifeguard to touch about a thousand times. Thankfully the lifeguard thought he was cute and played along.
  • Henry was exposed to the CHICKEN POX at his playgroup on Tuesday. I'll keep you posted on my spot watch.
  • I have started planning Henry's first birthday party (gasp!). It is tentatively scheduled for October 14th, around noon. Of course any regular blog readers don't need an invitation! If you are in the neighborhood feel free to come! It is turning into quite the extravaganza.
  • Henry's sleeping has been a NIGHTMARE. He either wakes up screaming and can't be consoled or he has insomnia. He cries so hard that he is climbing up my chest. I think it is his teeth. I finally got a peek into his mouth yesterday and he has SIX teeth coming in. Poor baby. He was up from 3am to 5:30am the other day and refused to go to sleep. I finally let him play on his floor until he crashed. I tried getting him into bed with us but tired of being used as a trampoline and leaving him in his crib alone was dangerous. He slips and bangs his head.
  • I am sensing Henry will be a tad bit mischievous. He likes to lean over his high chair when I am crawling on the floor picking up food and pull my hair or drop more food on me. I had to intervene today when he was dangling his sippy cup over my head!
  • The day I dreamed about has finally come. Dada is a minor celebrity in the house. Henry cries when he leaves, crawls to the door when he gets home and just loves playing with Adam. He even cried Dada from his crib the other night. I of course capitalized on that by punching Adam in the ribs and saying "Your son is calling you." Heehee I have been waiting for this day!

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