Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Help! My Baby is a Brute!

Henry may have the face of an angel, but he has a little devilish streak! He has always been a little rough. He loves to swing his chubby little arm and hit me or Adam in the face. He bites me now all of the time.

But, the big problem is at playgroup. We have one at our house every week with 9 other babies. Henry greets each baby with his "bear cub swat" right in the face. Or, he grabs their face in both of his hands. Last week he even conked another baby in the head with a toy. Forget the hair pulling. Invariably at least one babies is in tears due to Henry's reign of terror.

I have tried the "gentle, gentle" approach and it doesn't work. I usually try to divert him when I see him winding up or remove him after he has struck. It is getting a little embarrassing since he is now known for his affectionate gestures. Help!!!

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