Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Henry's New Tricks

Henry is making leaps developmentally the past few weeks. He is now an expert crawler and is impossible to keep in one room. He loves to scurry down the hallway and make me chase him. If he doesn't hear me coming he waits until he sees me and then darts off again.

He is cruising all of the furniture now and getting much steadier on his feet. He is also starting to climb. He climbed two levels out of the kiddie pool yesterday to go get his towel. Today he climbed up on a bench and then stood up holding onto his toy box.

He found a way to carry toys today but still be on the move. He was crawling around today with a rubber duck shoved in his mouth! He had the entire head in there.

We have also finished our baby proofing for the most part. We have magnetic locks on all cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom and living room. We have stove knob covers, a toilet lock, and foam pieces in all of the doors to prevent them from closing. Grandpa Joe is also in the process of installing plexiglass over the bottom half of our three french doors so that Evil Kneivel doesn't his arm or head through them.

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