Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Material for Henry's Therapist

As if Henry didn't have enough issues sleeping...

We were sitting on the beach one day, and Henry was happily taking a nap on a quilt underneath the umbrella. A rogue wave crashed into the seawall, ran up the beach and headed toward the quilt. We jumped up and started dragging the quilt back. In hindsight, neither of us can tell why we didn't just pick him up. Maybe we couldn't get there in time? Maybe we were trying not to wake him up? Who knows.

When we thought we were far enough back, we dropped the quilt. As soon as we did that, the water rushed over Henry's entire body. I looked down and Henry was under water, eyes wide open and screaming. It was horrible. I grabbed him, hit him on the back and he started coughing and crying. He only cried for a minute, but he was clinging to me. He was covered head to toe in sand and I was cleaing sand out of his ears for two days. Luckily there was a FDNY picnic right behind us on the beach and two of the guys leapt to action should we have needed medical assistance.

He went into the bathtub right after, had no problems at the beach the next day and wasn't scared of the pool. He felt a little sick that night and was running a fever, I am sure from the seawater he swallowed. We called his doctor to make sure we shouldn't bring him to the ER or the doctor and she promised he would be OK. She did prescribe some vodka for my nerves!

We just might be the worst parents ever.

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Anonymous said...

Did you have two vodkas ?