Friday, September 21, 2007

Chop Buster

Henry and I have a little Kabuki dance that we perform every night at bedtime. Adam gives him a bath and puts him in his pajamas. I bring him into his room and we read some books. I use the term read very loosely as Henry is not a very attentive listener. Reading to him involves trying to rip the pages out of the book, crawl out of my lap and throw things off his bookshelf, hit me in the face with his pacifier and then throw the book on the floor.

Anyway, we all sat on the big bed (aka Henry's Bed) and looked at some books. Henry performed his normal tricks, I nursed him and gave him his pacifier. I brought him to his room and he proceeded to scream. I heard the normal thud of the pacifer being thrown out of his crib. Then more screaming. I gave him a few minutes like I normally do and went back in. I picked him up, calmed him down and put him back in his crib. More screaming.

Normally, our dance routine involves one more round of me holding him and singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in my off key voice and then he falls asleep. Not tonight apparently. He was very upset so I carried him back over to the chair to calm him down. He immediately closed his eyes and went to sleep. I stood up after about five minutes to move him to his crib. He cracked one eye open, spit his blue and yellow pacifer out of his mouth, grabbed it and threw it into his ball pit. The pit full of blue and yellow balls. He then had the nerve to start laughing.

I brought him into the living room and handed him to Adam. He was still giggling. The only thing Adam had to say is "He is definitely your son." What the heck is that supposed to mean?

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Anonymous said...

It means a very good thing and Adam knows that. He has Adam's looks and your personality. This is all good.