Thursday, September 20, 2007

Henry is a very lucky boy.

I am starting to be known around the neighborhood as the crazy mom. This could be interpreted as a good or bad thing. I got it into my head recently that Henry needed a ball pit in his room. This all stems from my guilt that I don't take him to Gymboree (because it is $38 per class!)

I have been thinking it through and talking about it to various people. My genius sister in law had the idea to use one of those six panel baby gates as the pit. That was all I needed. Luckily my sister had a gate to "loan" us (hehe she is never getting it back!) I ordered 400 pit balls and we were in business. I wanted to order 1000, but Adam thought that was "excessive." The first night he came home and saw it he said "I can't believe I am saying this, but that pit needs more balls." Off to Target I go for another 150!

Suffice it to say I have no trouble getting Henry's friends to come over to play.

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