Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's Fun to be One!

Wow, lots has changed since Henry turned one.

  • He is now a professional tantrum thrower. He has the fat-lip, balled fists, crocodile tears thing down flat. Almost anything can set him off...I won't let him drink coffee or wine, I won't let him stir boiling liquids or open the microwave while it is running, I won't let him put knives in his mouth, I won't let him eat things out of the garbage...Boy, I am mean!
  • He has perfected his dance moves. His musical taste leaves something to be desired. He loves heavy metal, or anything with a heavy beat. He has a few moves now, he can march in place, he can bend at the knees and drop his little behind, he pumps his fist, he bobs his head. I am in tears whenever he does it and constantly looking for music to "inspire" him to do it again.
  • He flat out refuses to nap (or go to bed) without being held until he is dead asleep. We are finally going to have to resort to some sleep training. Somebody hold me!
  • He is practically running
  • He is no longer afraid of animals. He wants to pet them now and won't stop stay "Do" for Dog when he sees one
  • His favorite games are: 1) "I'm gonna get you" where we chase him through the house 2) Where I answer the phone as just laugh hysterically. That game kills him, he had to bury his face into the couch today he was laughing so hard 3) Jamming on his play guitar 4) Playing in the toy kitchen
  • He and his friends are starting to recognize each other. He sees his friend Jackson the most. Jackson sees Henry and uses the same word that he uses for "heiney" for Henry. That cracks me up
  • He is starting to let other people carry him around. Unfortunately none of these people are related to him, but it is a start!

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