Monday, November 19, 2007

Nope, it is still gross

I have a very weak stomach. I get sea-sick, morning sick, motion sick... Even thoughts can make me sick. Adam once said something really gross and I actually threw up in the sink. Ask Reece what I did when she was being potty trained. Poor girl showed me her poop and I proceeded to vomit right in front of her.

I always worried about the bodily fluid part of parenthood. Snot is definitely tops on my list of things that freak me out. The mere sight of it on a young child has brought me to dry heaves more than once. Everyone has always said, when it is your own child it won't bother you. I am here to report to all of you that you are wrong. Henry had his first cold this week and I thought I might die with all of the snot.

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