Monday, November 19, 2007

Obviously I have the wrong type of puzzle!

Henry is not at the age where I would describe him as scholarly. I am making no judgement of his future intelligence, I am just stating the fact that he is not fond of quiet games, reading, puzzles or introspection. He is 100% boy.

I try and try to get him interested in one of the many wooden puzzles that we have. I wave around the little wooden animals, moo-ing like a cow or neigh-ing like a horse, trying to pique his interest. No go. His only interest is banging the puzzle pieces on my lovely coffee, but now dented coffee table or hurling them across the room.

Today, Adam and I were trying to have a leisurely Sunday morning. Adam was laying on the couch channel surfing and I was reading the paper and drinking my coffee. Henry was playing in the adjacent foyer a bit too quietly. I looked over and saw that he was sitting in front of the outlet, yanking on a charger that "someone" had left plugged in. I quickly yanked it out of the socket and laid it down for Henry to drag around the floor. I know, I am a terrible mother for letting him play with a charger. But, he really enjoys it and it is shocking what you are willing to do to get 2 minutes of peace and quiet.

Anyway, I look back over and he is very intently trying to figure out how to get the prongs into the socket. I guess I have just had the wrong type of puzzle all of this time! (DISCLAIMER: Mother, of course I won't let Henry play with the outlets.)

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