Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hey...Who is in charge here?

I have heard lots of parenting advice since having Henry. Although most of it makes sense, I find some of it hard to practice when we are out of the house. One of the big ones is that you have to ignore tantrums. While technically I agree with this, I find it hard to do when we are in a restaurant. I know how much it always annoyed me to be sitting next to a bratty kid in a restaurant.

In the case of restaurant behavior, I think you have three options. 1) Leave 2) Give in 3) Break out a can of whoop-ass. That third one really isn't an option, I just like saying it!

Henry has become obsessed with soda, to the point that I am considering not drinking it anymore. He calls all drinks "BaBa," but now that he has worked pointing and gesturing into his repetoire, it is getting harder to pretend that I don't know what he is talking about. He clearly understands that there is a difference between water or milk and soda. I feel like we have tried all the tricks in the book to distract him: Giving him a real cup, giving him a straw, doing the bait and switch..

While we were in Florida, Henry was doing his little BaBa routine, trying to get soda. Adam decided to trick him and take the straw from the soda and put it in his milk carton. Henry gave him such a look of condesension as he took the straw out and pointed it at the soda. This kid is officially reaching the level where he is smarter than both of us.

Of course I am not going to give him soda. I don't even really like to give him juice which we have been forced to do recently to avoid a public melt down. Any suggestions other than me giving up my beloved Diet Coke?

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