Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I was in the store this week getting Henry fitted for his THIRD pair of shoes in three months. He is now a whopping size five! Forget a college fund, I should have started a Stride Rite fund. Damn those shoes are expensive. Anyway, he started screaming his head off as soon as he saw the saleslady, I think he thought she was going to cut his hair, give him a shot or babysit him.

In walks this little girl about 2 1/2 years old with her mom and grandma. She was strapped in her stroller, bundled in her snow suit like an Eskimo. Snow boot shopping was not high on her list of fun things to do. She was whining and crying, and generally being a pill. The mother asked her a question and she whined in response. The mother said "Use your words Katia!" The little girl looks right at her and shouts "NO NO NO!" I was cracking up. The mother looked at me and I said, "Well, you asked her to use her words!"

Anyway, I know this story was not about Henry, but it amused me. It also brings me to Henry's next milestone. He has been shaking his finger at me for a few weeks and saying "Ne Ne Ne" for No. Now he has added shaking his head to the mix. It is so funny, because he thinks he is a comedian when he does it. He smiles his big toothy grin and shakes his head really fast. I know he knows what it means, because he does it to tell me when he doesn't want something I am feeding him. But, he also does it to just be funny. Like when I ask for a sip of his bottle (don't ask why he is drinking a bottle please!) He shakes his little head and then practically throws the bottle at me, he is laughing so hard.

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