Monday, December 03, 2007

Motherhood, It should be an Olympic Sport

It was 9:30am today and I was already exhausted. Henry woke up at 7:15am which is super duper early for him (lucky, I know!) It seemed as if he had drank a Red Bull during the night. He was speeding from one end of the apartment to the other.

In between chasing him, keeping him out of the bathroom garbage, the kitchen garbage, preventing him from falling into the tub... I was getting our 6 loads of laundry ready to bring to the basement. I got his shoes on and pushed the cart out of the door. Before the elevator came I had to catch him running down the hallway two or three times. I got three loads in, and in between had to catch him from running away in the basement (filled with recycling bins, mouse traps, bikes and lots of other baby friendly things). We waited for the elevator and I chased him some more. I now know the answer to why the elevator stops on floors and no one is there. It is a mother chasing her runaway toddler down the hallway.

On the way back up he was playing with my keys. He dropped them right as the door opened and they were thisclose to falling down the elevator shaft. I almost had a heart attack. Once we got back up, I fed him breakfast, emptied the dishwasher with his assistance , dodged him grabbing knives, glass bowls and the like and put the laundry in the dryer. He ran around some more and I had to chase him to wipe his snotty nose a hundred times (he is getting two molars).

We went back to the basement for a third time to get the dried laundry, and I put him down for a nap. I took a quick shower and then had to clean the apartment for our playgroup that was starting at 11am...The Decathalon? Please. Let's see Bruce Jenner chase Henry around for a few hours!


gaia said...

Dear Vanessa:

I'm 21 years old [female], from a remote corner of the globe, a country called Armenia. I chanced upon your blog several months ago, and have been reading it all this time. First of all I have to say that you're an excellent writer - your posts are very fun to read.
Also, after having read the complete history of your little guy Henry, I just have to say - you are a very, very lucky woman.
It might be strange for you, to get a comment from someone you've never met and will most likely never meet. Relatively young though I am, I have had a very difficult life so far - an abusive father, rape, hunger, an abnormal family, in all ways. Always had dreams of a normal life full of love, never had one. I did meet a man who truly loved me, but, as chance would have it, he was married. So we just talked, fell in love, talked some more, and split, harboring a love that would never take a real shape, never happen, and never grow into a family. Basically, so far my life has been rolling deeper and deeper into the blackest pits imaginable. I don't seem to have any serious psychological problems, I'm not manic depressive, and I have always had a joie de vivre, despite everything. Still, when things keep getting worse the way they do, you just want to die on the spot. So I have learned to appreciate good things in life, and reading about your little baby boy has always brought a little ray of light into my dark universe. It always makes me so happy to think of people like you, brings a smile to my face. I admire the way you have devoted yourself to your son, your family. And I wanted to tell you how infinitely lucky you are to have what you have!
I wish you, your husband, and your little one all the best, straight from the heart! If I believed in God, I'd pray for you. As it is, I just send you many, many, many bubbles of good wishes from this corner of the universe.
P.S. I hope you don't think I'm a maniac of some sort, and I hope you don't find my comment incredibly weird. (Though perhaps it IS incredibly weird.)

Anonymous said...

Keep eating heathy foods snd getting plenty of rest - seems like Henry wil keep you going for a while - LUCKY YOU!