Thursday, January 17, 2008

Animal noise of a city boy

Henry has just started to repeat animal noises when we are reading books, but won't do it on demand. In his defense, what animals does he really see? We see a few dogs but I am petrified of him getting bitten in the stroller so I run the other way. He doesn't have much exposure to cats. Forget about farm animals. The only other animals he might see are pigeons and who knows what sound they make.

One thing that he does hear often is the sounds of the coffee grinder and the immersion blender when I make him smoothies. We were walking through the kitchen yesterday and he started pointing at the blender. We stopped and I let him hold the stick portion. He started making the same whirring noise that the blender makes. Do you think the doctor will count this at his checkup?

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Anonymous said...

I am sure it will count on the scale of his learning. I'm sure he does it really well to. After all he sings to me on the phone. Tell the doctor that.