Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nap Transition Hell

Until recently, Henry took two blissful (for me at least) naps per day. He would wake around 8am and eat breakfast. He would go back down around 10:30am, sleep until noon and eat lunch. We would go about our day and he would nap again around 3:30 pm for an hour or so. Wake for dinner, more playing and then off to bed around 8pm. Very predictable and nice.

He got his little stomach flu on New Year's Eve and then things were even better. He was so tired that he was taking two, TWO hour naps per day and going to bed at 7pm. I would even throw in a little nap for myself in the morning (I was sick too).

We went to visit my sister last week and all hell broke loose. He had gotten used to me coddling him again when he was sick and flat out refused to sleep alone. Add in a pack and play and a room that he didn't recognize and it was a sleeping disaster.

We got home and found that Henry had made the executive decision to give up napping. I would put him down and he would scream and scream. While we are trying to suss out his new schedule of what time to put him down the only way to get him to sleep is in the stroller. I have tried all different nap times and there is no pattern. I am running around like a crazy person trying to get food in him and re-arrange his little baby life to get him back on a schedule.

He is sleeping for about 45 minutes at nap time once per day and wants to go to bed at 6pm. Not a good schedule for anyone. Adam doesn't see him, I am a crazed, unshowered lunatic by the end of the day, Henry is a crabby mess and he wants to get up and play at 3am for an hour.

I am hoping we are through this little rough patch soon!

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