Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dirty Looks

Henry has developed quite the little temper recently. He loves to puff out his cheeks and glare at you or give other very funny dirty looks. My friend Shawn (Mom to Henry's friend Miles) scolded him the other day and he gave her a look that could melt glass. Embarrassingly enough is that she said it is one of my facial expressions! Oops!

One of his main obsessions is coffee. I probably drink two cups a day and he is just dying to have some. I have to get him an empty cup and lid at Dunkin' Donuts just to get some peace. When I have it at home, I have to give him an empty mug with a spoon or else he will not stop screaming. I know dear readers, who is in charge here? We established long ago that it is not me so quit your clucking.

The empty mug usually is not enough to satisfy him of course. He is not happy until I splash a little in his cup. Or, he follows me around trying to dip his spoon in my cup so he can lick it. What kind of crazy kid likes coffee?

This morning, I was sitting on the kitchen floor playing with Henry while Adam was cooking. I was holding my coffee and he was trying to dip his spoon. I was swerving away from him and he got so angry that he started swinging his teaspoon at me! Quite the sight. I was lying almost on my back clutching my mug with my 15 month old hovering over me and trying to hit me with a spoon. Living up to his name from long ago : The Tiny Tyrant

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Anonymous said...

So are you sending him to military school. You used to stomp your little Mary Janes and give that look to me and your father. Lots of luck.