Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun Times...

I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon and had to bring Henry with me. I won't say where I went, but I will leave it to your imagination to figure out it is the appointment that you would least like to bring your child.

As I have mentioned, Henry is TERRIFIED of the doctor. I knew that no matter how much I prepped him, he would not understand that he was not going to the doctor. As I predicted, as soon as he saw the nurse he started crying. Here I am, trying to calm him down and get undressed and get into that stupid gown. The doctor came in with lightning speed (he probably heard the shreiking and wanted to get me out of there) and I was barely ready.

Henry could not be consoled, so I had to pick him up and hold him during my exam. The doctor was nice about it and very accomodating, but at one point Henry was actually sitting on my chest while I was laying down. Near the end of my exam my cell phone started ringing. Henry stopped crying and starts gesturing to get down. I plop him on the floor and he runs over to my open purse grabs the phone opens it and hands it to me while I am lying on the table.

At least he has his priorities.

Later, I was feeding him dinner. Toward the end, he started getting wild and throwing his food. I looked at him and said, "Henry, don't act like a monkey." He starts laughing and doing the gestures from the song about the monkeys jumping on the bed. I couldn't believe he took what I said, understood it and was shaking his finger at me like he was singing the song. I just can't get over how much he is learning these days.

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