Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Instead of tossing confetti at midnight, we watch Henry tossing his cookies. Poor baby woke up and was coughing so hard he threw up his dinner. He was burning up so I gave him a little water and some Motrin. He fell back asleep and woke soon after because he had thrown up all over his crib.

We changed him and my pajamas, and in fifteen minutes he had thrown up all over our bed. We basically repeated this process all night long. All told we changed our sheets 5 times, my pajamas 6 times and Henry's pajamas 5 times. I felt terrible because he couldn't even hold down water but was so thirsty. We followed Heather's advice and just gave him small sips every few minutes so that he would stop vomiting. Of course Henry didn't understand this and was literally crying for water. It was really heartbreaking and we spent most of the night pacing the floor with him.

We finally got to bed around 3 am and woke to Henry throwing up again at 7am. The good news is that he is still his normal, playful self and has not stopped tearing up the apartment. The bad news is that we are totally wiped out and sick ourselves and were hoping for a little sleepiness on his part!

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