Saturday, January 05, 2008

Doing my dirty work for me!

Fourteen months is such a fun age. Henry is used to certain things and routines and gives very predictable responses. For example, whenever we say "It's Bath Time!" he runs to the bathroom and waits for us to turn on the water.

When Adam is home, baths are his domain. Sometimes, he might be caught up in something else and want me to do the bath. I tell Henry it's bath time, and he shouts out "DaDa" which of course prods Adam into giving him the bath. Who knows what he is really saying, but it is quite effective so I don't dispel the notion.

Tonight, it was getting late and I wanted Adam to give Henry his bath sooner rather than later to avoid a melt down. He was engrossed in a work project and asked for "10 more minutes" once or twice. Finally, I just went to get the tub water started and get Henry undressed. Henry heard the water and ran toward the bathroom. He reached into the tub, grabbed his little wash rag and ran out of the room. A minute later Adam followed him into the bathroom. Apparently Henry had delivered it to him in a not so subtle hint that bath time was his job!

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Anonymous said...

He is such a smart boy. He knows what is going on.