Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our apartment overflows...

Most people complain that their baby is overtaking their house. Henry has more toys than the average NYC baby from what I have seen. His room is filled with little ride on toys and suburban sized things. Our dining room has his two strollers and the tunnel that I bought him from Ikea. The foyer has his play kitchen and musical instruments. The real kitchen has his little red table and chairs that he picked out himself. The living room is teeming with books spilling off the shelves and the bathroom has buckets for bathtime and foam letters that float. Our bedroom always has his little slippers and shoes floating around and Adam finds things that he hides in his closet. Even our hallway has paper unrolled down it where Henry and his little friend were coloring today.

For some reason, it doesn't bother me one bit (or Adam either). I just love coming home and seeing all of his "stuff." It just serves to remind us that he is here for good!

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Anonymous said...

It is all of the little (and big) items you describe that make a house YOUR FAMILY'S HOME! Henry will continue to thrive on knowing he is the most important person to both you & Adam. Just imagine the love he feels ever day.