Sunday, January 13, 2008

Who Stole My Baby, Part II

Henry attended the 3rd Birthday party today for Dylan, who is the son of our friends, Chuck and Natalie. It was held at this fun place in CT where there was a water table room, a big climbing structure/indoor playroom, an art room, a dancing room with bubbles and a big gym area with tunnels to crawl through and balls to throw etc.

Henry jumped into all of the activities with gusto and wasn't nervous around the bigger kids at all. He was running around like he too was three years old. My favorite part was at the end when all of the kids filed into the room where the pizza and cake were being served. The pizza was already set out on the little kid sized tables and each of the kids just grabbed a seat. Henry made some sort of involuntary growling sound when he saw the pizza and sat down with all of the kids. I guess we can add pizza to the list of things that he recognizes and likes! He ate almost an entire slice, washed down with this little paper cup of apple juice and chased all of that with a slice of birthday cake. I couldn't believe what a little boy he looked like sitting at that table.

He was a little kooky on the way home, giggling and squirming in his car seat. I guess I can attribute it to the hefty dose of sugar he just ingested. He has such a great time, and it was so fun seeing him enjoy himself.

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