Friday, January 11, 2008

Don't you wish he was your neighbor?

One of the kids (11 years old) that lives in our building posted the most adorable, hand-written sign on the bulletin board in our basement. It was written in pencil and detailed services he was willing to provide. The services were "anything," his rates "it depends," his weekday hours were after school and on the weekends "it depends." No job is too small.

I love industrious kids and I have been trying to think of something he could do for me. Adam works late and we often have plans on the weekend so there are lots of little things that always need to be done. Adam has been away all week on a business trip and I have been watching our Christmas tree dry up like the Sahara Desert. Although I took down the ornaments, there really was no way I was going to get it out of the stand, stuff it in the elevator, ride five flights to the basement and drag it out to the courtyard with Henry on my back. Also add in the unpleasantness of sweeping up the pine needles from the apartment, hallway and elevator. I think I finally had my project for Andrew!

I called this afternoon and cleared the project with his mom. She sent him right up after school and he set to work. He dragged it to the basement with lightning speed, vacuumed, and was crawling around on his hands and knees sweeping pine needles. All while Henry followed him around like a puppy and tried to shove cheddar goldfish in his mouth. He played with Henry, carried him around the apartment and chattered a mile a minute while doing his work. He told me that he didn't care if it took him all night, he wanted a satisfied customer. Apparently I am the first person to call him, so I tried to give him tips on getting more business.

After all of his hard work, I asked him how much he was going to charge for the job. He thought a minute and then told me TWO DOLLARS. I told him that was too little and that he should re-think his pricing structure. He then raised it to four dollars and told me that was his final quote. I gave him ten dollars and he about had a heart attack. I told him it was a bonus to help him get his business started and not to waste it on video games. He looked at me very sincerely and told me that he was going to save it.

How sweet is that? At those rates I don't plan on ever lifting a finger again!

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Brenda said...

This is the funniest post ever! Does Andrew vacation in the Pocono's? I have many projects for him too.