Saturday, February 16, 2008

Funny Funny Henry

  • We get our groceries delivered after I order them on line. They came late Thursday night so the non-perishables were still in boxes on Friday morning. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs, strawberries and milk I heard Henry rooting around in the boxes. He found the individual servings of applesauce, removed it from the cardboard and found his spoon that he had thrown on the floor earlier. He very proudly brought the container and the spoon to me in the living room. I was very proud of his industriousness.
  • He loves his play kitchen more than you can imagine. I had to break it to him recently that it is not a real kitchen. He asked for an apple in the afternoon and it struck me the next morning that I didn't see it afterward and I didn't see him eating it either. Lo and behold he had it stored in his refrigerator.
  • Take two on the kitchen. I left a glass of water on his play table. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him take it and start pouring the water into his play pots and pans. He was having fun so I turned a blind eye. Then he started dumping the water into the play sink. This was pretty funny so I called his grandma to report his antics. While I was on the phone, he took it upon himself to start ferrying water from the water cooler in the kitchen and try to fill his sink. I have to give him credit for ingenuity. After he flooded the kitchen I confiscated his glass. He kept feigning thirst and whenever I gave him the cup back he was off to his tricks again.

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