Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pack Mule

Living in the city with a baby has its plusses and minuses.

On the plus side, there are lots of parent and babies within a close vicinity. We have many places we can walk to, three parks within 1/2 mile, entertaining things to look at and I love not having stairs in the house.

One huge minus is getting around. Despite the fact that we have a car, Henry and I either walk, take the subway or the bus everywhere. Not too complicated, right? I don't mind walking, but the bus and subway have their own challenges. Shockingly, most of the NYC subway system does not have elevators. If I want to take Henry's stroller on the subway I carry it one or possible two flights to the mezzanine and then another one or two flights to the platform. With him in it.

Henry weighs 23 lbs, so figure 25 with his clothing and coat. I have a very lightweight stroller, but I'd bet it is still at least 15 lbs. Add in his diaper bag, which is probably another 5 pounds and then anything we might be toting like a shopping or grocery bag. Most of the time I just skip the stroller and carry him on my back, but if we will be out of for a while and he needs to nap I am out of luck.

Take today for instance. I had a doctor's appointment and wanted to do some shopping after I took him to his little school. I took him to school on the subway, and afterward we went to the post office. Stairs there of course. Subway to 59th street and carried his stroller on my hip up the stairs. Luckily there is an elevator to the street. Dragged him to the doctor and then to the diner for lunch. We went shopping and picked up a toaster for his dad and two heavy grocery bags of food. How the heck was I going to get all of this home?

OK, like a boyscout I need to be prepared. Put the subway card in the back pocket. Put my coat on despite the fact that I would be sweating. Coat on Henry and zip him into the bundle me. Shove the grocery bags into the very tiny basket under the stroller. The toaster will just have to hang off the back. Put the diaper bag on messenger style and flip it to my back. Hoist the stroller onto my hip and schlepp all of this down the stairs! I was totally out of breath when I was done! Whew, it makes me not want to leave the house anymore.

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Lynn said...

I am sweating right now!