Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Out Little Mimic

Henry does lots of cute things lately where he mimics us. He fake sneezes, coughs and pretends to blow his nose. He also has perfected my snort when I think something is funny. He brings me my socks and slippers when he wants me to get out of bed. He shouts out "four" when we count "one, two, three....!" He has done two very funny other ones recently.

He steps on the scale every morning to "weigh" himself. Hmm, wonder who does that? Before his bath tonight he saw Adam's jar of hair stuff (like a wax.) He was asking for it and when I gave it to him tried to open it. I took off the lid and he dug his little fingers in there and then started frantically rubbing his hands through his hair! I almost died laughing!

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