Friday, February 22, 2008

Surgery Update

The good news is that Henry's surgery is over. He is fine.

The actual day itself, not so fun. Luckily he woke a few times the night before and I shoved a bottle of milk in his mouth so I felt a little better. He did cry when he saw me packing a banana for him and I wouldn't give it to him. So sad.

I brought him to the Children's Hospital near our house at 10am. They checked us in and he had to change into their little clown pajamas. I hated that part because it made him look sick. He played nicely and did OK with the no eating part. Unfortunately the surgery was delayed TWO hours so we were stuck just sitting there. I was beginning to regret my not eating that morning (in support of my Henry). They finally took him around 2pm and he was exhausted. They mistook his exhaustion with him not being afraid of the doctor so they didn't give him the little drink to calm him down. Big mistake.

They let us suit up and bring him to the OR. The team was so nice, they all sang Row Your Boat to Henry to cheer him up. No go. We had to wait a few minutes for the anesthesiolgist and Henry was very nervous. He flipped his noodle when they put the mask on his face and I could barely hold him. That part was so sad, he was so terrified. They should have given me the little drink too, I was very teary eyed at that part. Adam was just impressed by Henry's raw strength at trying to break away from the mask. Henry is definitely freakishly strong.

The actual procedure took about 45 minutes which was really nerve wracking. They told us that it would be very short so you could imagine the terrible thoughts going through my head. We both were pacing and then we heard an unmistakable sound. Henry coming down the hallway shreiking. The doctor was trying to hold him and the resident was trailing his IV pole. Apparently they had him awake for about 15 minutes without coming to get us. Dumb move. He was hysterical and trying to rip out his IV. They described him as "very spirited."

We got him home and he ate a little and calmed down. He had some swelling near his eyes and some bloody discharge from his eyes and mouth. He looks much better today.

I am so glad that is over. I hope we never have to step foot into that hospital again.

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