Sunday, February 17, 2008

We are in such trouble.

As I have mentioned, Henry has been refusing a lid for his sippy cup over the past week or so. He screams and tries to tear it off. If I don't get it off fast enough he throws the cup and refuses to drink anything. Quite the little male diva, don't you think?

Today Grandpa Joe came over and brought lunch. He bought this fancy carbonated iced-tea for us to try and I thought it would be more festive to drink it from wine glasses. Of course as soon as Henry saw it he wanted some too. Since I had no idea what was in it, I decided to trick him and put apple juice in a wine glass. I got away with holding the glass for him for the first few sips but then he wanted to do it himself. I moved him to Adam's lap so he could supervise the practice drinking from a wine glass. He sat there and held the wine glass perfectly with ONE HAND and taking little sips. He then grabbed the phone with the other hand and sat chatting away with the phone in one hand and his wine glass in the other. I could swear he has been hitting the pub while we are sleeping.

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Anonymous said...

Where have you been taking my grandson, first he thinks he is a chef, but then he always sees you and Adam cooking and for that matter his Grandpa Joe also. So I can see all his cooking, now the wine and the phone. What's going on there.